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League Computer Information

Computer training material will be posted to this page as it is available.  Roster / Entry files will NOT be posted here.

The training schedule for this year is set -

  • None formally this year, contact Brian Klaas if needed.

In 2016, we are updated to Meet Manager 6.0.  After you install the new software, you will need to follow the instructions on the DQ Code Installation link to update and verify the custom DQ codes.  The custom DQ codes are saved with the Meet Manager software. You will also need to install the custom DQ codes if you get a new computer.

You should also install the All Star Invitational time standards file, but it isn't necessary this year as it is included with the league template file already.

There are two files below, one is the 2015 meet template, the other is instructions for changing for SCM or different number of lanes.

Important: There are two meets in our season that have eligibility rules. The Medals Meet and the All Star Invitational. Please review the SwimTopia configuration tab on this page.

Computer questions can be directed to Brian Klaas from BCW Barracudas.

Training material is below.

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